Craps Terms

In case you fancy a game title of Craps, you’ lmost all need to learn the particular Craps conditions first! Fortunate for you, we now have rounded all of them up plus created a good A in order to Z glossary of all Craps terms that will you’ lso are likely to experience.

Craps is just not an easy sport to master, yet even the most well-known Craps gamers had to begin somewhere. That will somewhere will be learning the particular terms, plus there are lots of all of them.

Some conditions are more popular than other people, and when a person check out the glossary below, you’ ll observe that some conditions are more targeted at land-based organizations. The history associated with Craps came from years ago; this became popular plus made the way to on the internet casinos, therefore why there is certainly now a lot more slang plus terminology to understand.

But don’ t be concerned; you can quickly hold the most important plus widely used conditions and come back to our glossary when you find term you might be unfamiliar with.

The to Z .

One of the reasons craps is difficult to grasp may be the Craps terms and craps slang conditions.

So , let’ s consider the Craps vocabulary and terms so you enter in the game completely equipped!

  • 2-Way     – A person betting 1 roll bet for themselves and the sellers.
  • 3-Way Craps     — If a gamer bets within units associated with 3, it really is called the 3-Way Craps. It will be along with one device on two, one upon 3 plus another upon 12.


  • Aces   – You may even hear this particular phrase referred to as Snake Eye. It’ h when a gamer bets that this next move will be a complete sum of second .
  • Any Craps     — When a gamer bets that this next move will be a two, 3 or even 12, frequently used in Road Craps Guidelines.
  • Ace Deuce     — A move of a few.
  • Any 7     — Betting that this next move will be a seven.


  • Large Red     – Quantity seven.
  • Dark   — Slang phrase for $100-worth casino potato chips as the potato chips of this worth are usually dark.
  • Bones   – An additional name with regard to dice.
  • Boxcars   — Number 12; also known as Night time, Cornrows or even Twelve Craps.
  • Boxman   – The Boxman is really a person who supervises the desk and rests between the sellers.
  • Box Figures     — Referring to the area bet figures 4-5-6-8-9-10.
  • Males or The Males     — A slang term with regard to dealers.


  • Cold Chop     — If nobody is producing their stage at a desk, Cold Chop is an manifestation that may be utilized.
  • Colour Within     — If you’ re leaving behind a Craps table plus trade within small highly valued chips with regard to larger types, it is known as Colour Within.
  • Come wager     — Once a stage has been founded, a Arrive Bet arrives right after this.
  • Come out move     — The first time gamer rolls the particular dice to determine a Point is known as the Turn out roll.
  • Compensation   — Often utilized in land-based organizations and describes freebies becoming handed out.
  • Garbage Numbers     – Figures 2, a few and twelve.

Craps Terms 2

  • Craps Check     – In case you are betting upon any Craps during the come-out roll in order to hedge your own pass collection bet, this really is called Craps Check.


  • Don’ to Come wager     — After a stage has been founded, this is a don’ t complete bet produced.
  • Don’ to Pass Wager     — Betting that this shooter will never make their point.
  • Dual odds     – In case a bet will be twice the dimensions of the original complete or arrive bet, it really is double chances.
  • Down   – Decreasing or eliminating a wager.


  • Vision in the Sky     – On line casino term with regard to CCTV.
  • Actually Money     – The bet that will pays one: 1


  • Fever 5     — A move of five; also known as 5 Fever.
  • Front side Line     – An additional term with regard to Pass Collection Bet.


  • Garden   – Industry bet.
  • George   — If a gamer is known to suggestion generously, other people may make reference to him because George.
  • Eco-friendly   — Another seller slang with regard to chips. This time around if you have $25 in video gaming chips, it really is referred to as Eco-friendly as the potato chips are usually eco-friendly.

They would

  • Difficult Way     – In case you bet upon 4, six, 8, or even 10, that will wins only when the chop roll because pairs; 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5.
  • Hi-Lo     — Placing a single roll wager on two and twelve.
  • Hi-Lo-Yo     – Putting a one move bet upon 2, eleven and twelve.
  • Hop wager     — Betting that this next move will be a mixture of the chop.
  • Horn wager     — Betting that this next move will be two, 3, eleven, or twelve, in many of four with 1 unit upon each quantity. Often utilized on a Crapless Craps desk.
  • Horn Higher bet     – This really is slightly dissimilar to the above since it is in many of five, and you might place 1 unit upon 3 from the horn wager numbers plus two figures on quantity 12 (high numbers).
  • Very hot Dice or even Hot Desk     making a winning ability.


  • Within Numbers     – Whenever you place wagers in within numbers, they may be 5-6-8-9.


  • Lay wager     — When you wager that a seven will be folded before the quantity you are putting comes up.
  • Lay-Out   — The imprinted area around the Craps desk where you set your bets.
  • Lay Chances     — When a stage has been founded, Lay Chances is whenever additional wagers can be produced. These wagers will earn if the initial don’ to pass wager wins, frequently one of the best Craps tips.
  • Small Joe     – You’ ll frequently hear this particular slang term used for a couple of twos or perhaps a Hard four.
  • Low   – Just one roll wager for a second .


  • Gun   — A Gun is a plastic material disc branded on and off and it is used to tag a point.
  • Tag the Point     – When the point is made, the seller will create a puck to tell other gamers of the stage number.
  • Night time   — See   Boxcars  .

Craps Terms 3


  • Natural   – Each time a 7 or even 11 will be thrown around the come-out move after a successful bet.
  • 9   — Rolling or even betting on the 9.


  • One Move Bet (Single Roll Bet)     — A bet placed on just one dice move.
  • Odds Wager     — If you create an additional bet to the complete line wager, you are producing an Chances Bet.
  • Away   — Indicate you do not bey around the next move of the chop.
  • Off and On     – This particular phrase is usually used once the dealer takes care of come wagers when a brand new come wager is the same as the main one already founded.
  • On   – Positively betting.
  • Outdoors Numbers     – Figures 4-10-5-9.


  • Parlay   – Allowing your earnings ride around the next wager.
  • Pass Collection Bet     – The wager produced on the turn out roll where you bet the particular shooter can make the point.
  • Location bet     – Gambling a certain quantity will be folded before the 7 is folded.
  • Point   – An additional well-used Craps term explaining the number founded by a turn out roll.
  • Task Bet     – Betting on a wager in the centre from the layout.
  • Drive   — Lingo for any tie among multiple gamers.


  • Correct Better     – Gambling on the complete line.
  • Stand   — You keep your own chips inside a Rack. This is actually the grooved train. A phrase more commonly utilized in land-based internet casinos.


  • 7 Out     – Frequently used each time a Shooter comes a 7 before a place is made, leading to losing the particular pass collection bet.
  • Present shooter   — If you yet another player will be rolling the particular dice, you might be referred to as the particular Shooter, which can result in several craps chop combinations.
  • Snake Eyes     – An additional slang term for the quantity 2 . Observe   Aces  .
  • Stickman   – Once the dealer forces the chop to the present shooter with a stay and phone calls the comes.


  • Toke   — Another term for a suggestion.


  • Globe Bet     – Gambling on a car horn number along with a seven.
  • Incorrect Bettor     – Gambling against the present shooter.


  • Hey or Yo-leven     — To prevent 7 and 11 from appearing the same, Hey or Yo-leven is used with regard to rolling 11.

Understanding Craps Conditions Will Help You Perform Better

Craps is not a simple game to try out; it takes time for you to practise and find out how to perform properly making use of different techniques. However , if you possibly could learn the Craps lingo plus terminology, you’ re midway there.

That’ s not really saying you have to learn these types of terms simply by heart prior to actually learning to play. The great thing about our own glossary is the fact that it’ ersus always right here, so you can direct back to this when needed. You may even be able to browse Craps textbooks to further your understanding.

Certain Craps terms you will have to know, such as Point plus Pass Series Bet; not knowing these important terms, it’ ll end up being hard to enjoy. You can pick-up some of the lesser-used terms to get better results as you go along.

However if you can get into a game associated with Craps with all the knowledge of the most famous terms, it will help you enjoy the game much better.